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Photo adapted from Zanastardust

We’re all going green. Hurray for our wallets and our earth. But in some cases, this also presents us with a problem! I don’t know about you but I always used plastic grocery bags to carry home wet swim suits from the beach or pool. With my fabulous re-useable bags, the plastic bags are no longer plentiful and I find myself at a loss…

I mentioned earlier that in participation of Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, Ottawa Cloth Diapers kindly sent me a JamTots Wet Bag to review.

wetbag Photo from Ottawa Cloth Diapers

The product details are here.

For Diapers: I think it was originally designed for dirty cloth diapers while out and about. I used it for this purpose and it worked great. It held two soiled BumGenius diapers easily. It would have accommodated more however that was all that John soiled 🙂 With the water-resistant lining, it did a great job of keeping the smell contained which is important since I don’t really want to walk around smelling…ummm, well you know!

For Wipes: I’ve recently started using cloth wipes. I’ll be sharing what I have learned so far in a future post next month. Though I am still using disposable wipes when we go out, I am in the process of changing that. I think this would be an ideal bag for taking moist cloth wipes out with me for quick wipes of sticky faces & hands or for bottom changes! I haven’t done this yet but I’ll come back and let you know how it works out for me.

Laundry Bag: Often I am out and about (at mom’s etc.) and one of my littles needs to change clothes. This bag also makes for a great laundry sack. Now the bag isn’t huge so for older children this wouldn’t work but because my little ones are small still, it works perfectly for me. I love the way the bag snaps onto itself around the strap of my diaper bag because many times there isn’t enough room in my diaper bag for a bag of laundry.

Swim Suits: And of course, the reason that this product is featured in our Sizzling Summer Series is because it is the perfect swim suit bag. I can fit Chloe’s (2), John’s (10 months), Scott’s and my bathing suits all in this bag. There is still some room but I wouldn’t want to strain the zipper. Larger families may need to invest in two bags. Just toss the suits in and then snap it onto your bag. No worries about getting anything else wet!

Colors that Match! It really is a cool bag with many uses. It comes in a fabulous array of colors. Ottawa Cloth Diapers was kind enough to send me one in ladybug (pictured above). I was VERY excited about this since my stroller is the same color. My diaper bag is black and has a little red tag on it so it matches that too. (I got my very cool diaper bag off kijiji). The only reason that I mention it matching is because most of the times that I have used the wet bag, I have taken advantage of the snap feature and attached it to either my stroller or my diaper bag for easy carrying. It’s nice when things match isn’t it?


Buy It!

You can buy one of these fabulous bags from Ottawa Cloth Diapers. The have a wonderful online shop filled with treasures! Vicky is a very friendly and helpful lady who would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about her products.

Win It!

Ottawa Cloth Diapers wants to give one lucky reader a wet bag in their choice of in stock color! Entering is easy! Winner will be announced on June 26th. Open to Canadian and USA friends!

  1. Main Entry: Go here and pick your favorite color bag, come back and leave a comment
  2. Bonus: Subscribe to my blog for an additional entry
  3. Bonus: Blog about this giveaway and leave the link in the comments
  4. Bonus: Buy anything from their store for an additional 3 entries (leave 3 separate comments)

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Sizzling Summer Logo Photo adapted from Zanastardust

One of the most important things to think when getting Set for a Sizzling Summer is Sun Safety. While we love to bask in the glow of Mr. Golden Sun, it can be dangerous!

Cover Up Your Body

One of the best ways to avoid overexposure and burning is to cover up! One great option is UV Skinz. No worries about missed spots or under applying/ reapplying sunscreen and it doesn’t wash or wear off. Obviously, the more areas that your bathing suit covers, the less direct sunlight they are getting and the safer they are! Whatever suit you choose, make sure that it covers as much as possible without restricting their ability to maneuver, swim and play. Even though you may not feel that you are getting burned while swimming, water reflects 100% of the suns rays so it can be deadly.

What is UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) vs.. SPF (Sun Protection Factor)?

SPF is used in reference to sunscreens while UPF is used for sun protective fabrics. If a person can stay in the sun for 10 minutes before getting sunburned and applies an SPF 15 sunscreen, then that person should be able to remain in the sun without getting sunburned for 150 minutes (10 minutes x SPF 15 = 150). UPF measures how much of the sun’s rays are penetrating a garment. A UPF 50 rating means that the fabric only allows 1/50th (2%) of the sun’s UV rays to pass through it and blocks out 98% of UV rays. UPF protection applies to both UVA and UVB rays.

UV Skinz Website

Cover Up Your Head and Eyes

Another important, and often neglected, area of covering up is your head and eyes. The sun can burn the eyes and cumulative exposure can lead to cataracts later in life. There are many types of UV protective glasses out there, just make sure they actually do filter out rays and are not just tinted. Hats are another important article of clothing in the summer months. A wide brimmed hat will help cover the neck, ears and face. Whatever the hat, make sure that it will stay on and that they will wear it. While I scrimp on many items, the hat that I have splurged on the past two years is made by Puffin. I like it because the material screens out rays, it’s great in or out of the water, it dries fast and it has a chin tie/cordlock that keeps it on.

Using Sunscreen Wisely

The most obvious area of sun safety is sunscreen. There are many different types out there. A ‘broad spectrum’  SPF 30 or higher, that protects against UVA ad UVB rays should be applied liberally! Make sure you reapply often (every 2.5 +/- hours), especially if swimming. Remember that it takes approx. 20 minutes for the sunscreen to be absorbed and start working so be sure that you apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure. Some insect repellants actually decrease the effectiveness of your sunscreen so be sure to use a higher SPF if combining the two. I have been blessed with two little ones with extremely sensitive skin and eczema. Some sunscreens that work fairly well for our family are Ocean Potion and Aveeno Baby. One that I have recently discovered is SmartShield and I am pretty excited about this one. It will be featured in an upcoming review as part of Set for a Sizzling Summer.  Remember that babies under 6 months of age should not wear sunscreen and should avoid sun exposure entirely.

Avoid Peak Rays

The sun is generally strongest between 11am and 4pm so, if possible, avoid direct exposure at that time. Umbrellas, shade shelters, and pop up tents are all good ideas.

Stay Hydrated

While this may not have anything to do with avoiding sunburn, it is an important factor in being outside in the heat. Innate Gear offers a great selection of water bottles for the whole family. Having them close at hand will encourage you to sip frequently.  Fresh fruit is a great source of fluid as well. Snacking on melons, cantaloupe, peaches etc. is not only healthy but it will help keep you hydrated!

Set an Example

Little ones are impressionable and tend to do what we do rather than do what we say. Let’s make sure we’re practicing what we preach 🙂


  • Avoid further sun exposure until healed
  • Cool baths or cool cloths will help soothe and take away heat
  • Aloe Vera is great for relieving pain and helping speed up the healing process. Visible Aid is an amazing product without the gooeyness of aloe vera. Visible Aid is as close to a miracle cure as they come! Great for cuts, scraps burns etc!
  • Tylenol/Motrin will help if pain is severe.
  • If the burn is bad or blistering, go see your doctor!

A Tip and a Giveaway!

I actually use a lip sunscreen stick for Chloe’s nose and the tips of her ears. With it’s tiny size, it  is something that I am able to just have in my pocket or purse and easy/mess free to use when I just needed a little (to reapply) while out walking or at the park. Lips, noses and ears are extremely prone to burning! I have one of these Lip Potions to give away along with a package of Sun Sensors (consumer reports has a review of these here).

To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment with your contact information either visible on your profile or in the comment.
  2. Subscribe to my blog.

Open Worldwide. Closes June 17, 2009.

Update: Later that day, this post showed up in my reader from Totally Tots. Be sure to check it out too!

This Post is linked to WFMW and Family Friday with Barbi

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Swim Diaper 045

Joining us in the Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, Moms and Bums sent me a MonkeyDoodlez Swim Diaper to review. It arrived and it is even more adorable than the picture! Though it is too cold here to swim in the outdoor pools yet, we’ll test it out at our local indoor pool!

I have used the Huggies Little Swimmers disposables for the past two years. In our pools here, it is mandatory that babies have a swim diaper. Even on sale, disposables cost a lot because we swim on a daily basis in the summer. I won’t even mention the impact that has on our landfills. I‘ll be adding this product to our list in More Green = More Green $$ as it is the perfect solution. It always helps when the solution is super cute too!

Swim Diaper 034    Swim Diaper 035

Watch for the official review next week!

I should also mention that Moms and Bums has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway! What fun! When the official review is posted, there will be additional chances to enter. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it!

Moms and Bums is also giving away a swim diaper. Go here for details.

For all of you anxious to get started, go ahead and leave a comment in this post for a bonus entry! What should your comment say? How about telling us what kind of swim diaper you currently use?

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wetbag Photo from Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Joining us in the Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, Ottawa Cloth Diapers sent me a JamTots zippered wet bag to review. I am excited about this. Though it’s primary purpose is for diaper bag use with cloth diapers, it is versatile and would be great as a swim suit bag. With the green movement, plastic grocery bags are no longer as plentiful as they were. What sort of alternative is there for bringing that wet bathing suit home from the pool without getting everything else wet? I think this is it!

We’ll allow a two week review period for this product so please come back for our official review of this bag and my impressions of its functionality.

I should also mention that Ottawa Cloth Diapers has generously offered one reader the chance to win their own wet bag! That’s right! This giveaway is open to USA and Canadian friends only! When the official review is posted, there will be additional chances to enter. How exciting so keep watching!

For all of you anxious to get started, go ahead and leave a comment in this post for a bonus entry! What should your comment say? How about telling us if you’re a pool, beach or sprinkler family?

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may20 081

As part of our Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, we have the opportunity to review a pair of children’s sandals, the Pink Psyclone by Teva. I am thrilled! They arrived and we put them on immediately, I grabbed my camera and we headed outside!

may20 065      may20 074

My Initial thoughts:

These are sporty, yet sweet and cute in their soft pink color! I loved the look of them immediately!

The first thing that I noticed was that there are dual Velcro fasteners on the sandal. Why would this be so important? Well, it means that it is super easy to put the sandals on wiggly little feet and also it means that they adjust completely for a good fit. Every little foot is different and so that is a huge plus for these sandals!

The Velcro seems to grip well to hold the shoe on firmly but is loose enough that Chloe is able to take her shoes off herself.

They appear to be comfortable, supportive and she seems to have no issues racing around in them.

I am a big fan of good footwear. I think it is important to have proper fitting, supportive, quality footwear in order to aid in proper foot development and to avoid injuries. So far, I am impressed with these sandals!

Please come back in about a month for our official review of these sandals and how they stand up to every day toddler life!

I should also mention that Teva has generously decided to sponsor a GIVEAWAY! That’s right! One of you lucky readers will have the opportunity to choose your style and size of from their Infant or Kids Line. This giveaway is open to Canadian friends only! When the official review is posted, there will be additional chances to enter. How exciting so keep watching!

For all of you anxious to get started, go ahead and leave a comment in this post for a bonus entry! What should your comment say? How about telling me who you are hoping to win a pair for?

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may20 047 John is reading up on how to use his new shoes. I thought this was too cute!

This month, I have the privilege of reviewing couple of Jack and Lily products. Jack and Lily is a Canadian company that provides adorable, quality footwear for little ones. We will be reviewing a super cute pair of the ‘My Shoes’ Chocolate Brown Sandals for John and a pair of the originals for Chloe. When they arrived last week, Chloe was so excited about them. Adorable and comfy looking, she put them on immediately. John tried to eat his. Thankfully they appear to be a good quality, the leather is soft and the soles are a flexible rubber so I think that they can withstand a little nibble or two.           

may20 040may20 052

After a suitable testing period, I’ll post a review. There is nothing more disappointing that purchasing something, only to find it lacking in some way or not meeting your expectations. Regardless of the type or size of your purchase, reading some real-life product reviews, by people in no way affiliated with the company, is a great way to make sure that you are making a wise purchase.

may20 055

I should also mention that Jack and Lily have generously decided to sponsor a GIVEAWAY! That’s right! One of you lucky readers will have the opportunity to choose your style and size. I bet that you all have some adorable babies who would look darling in their styles. I’m also sure that you will have a tough time picking just one! They have, possibly, the best selection I’ve seen so far! Especially the girls 🙂 I think there are few things in life cuter than baby feet (clean ones that is!) When the official review is posted, there will be the standard 5 chances to enter. How exciting so keep watching!

For all of you anxious to get started, go ahead and leave a comment in this post for a bonus entry! What should your comment say? How about telling me who you are hoping to win a pair for?

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