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It was the simplest of ideas; cheap, easy to make, and lasting…

Rock Critters!

This is one of the last rock critters we have kicking around. I would say he’s about 20+/- years old. He resides in moms garden. His eyes are missing so he just has rocks propped up on him. We used to have dozens of them but when you move clear across the province (a 23+/- hour drive), you can only transport so many rocks, regardless of sentimental value. At least that is what they told us when we were packing…I personally would have left the furniture and brought more rocks 🙂

How To Make a Rock Critter

  1. Choose your size rock and two smaller rocks for eyes. A rock about the size of a iron makes the best size I think but we made them smaller and larger and they looked fabulous set up as a little critter family!
  2. Paint the body a light color (or leave it natural if it is a light colored rock to begin with)
  3. Paint the spots a darker color (or use markers…not sure about crayons)
  4. Paint the smaller rocks black and glue on
  5. Paint on a mouth

My grampa helped us create these. We should have went into business I think. Growing up with Grandpa was such blessing! He’s in the hospital right now and could use your prayers!



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Pen jar 001

Chloe made a Pen/Pencil holder for Mother’s Day for Oma and Nana. We used jars that pickles or beets had come in. I was going to use construction paper however since I had received some Easter Daisies that had died, I took the wrapping off the bottom of their pot and we used it to wrap around the base. We glued stickers and construction paper hearts on as well as a ribbon around the middle. I saved all the tissue paper, ribbons etc. from my wedding shower and baby showers so we have plenty of supplies from there!

She was so proud of her creation!

Pen jar 002

Chloe LOVES craft time. Because she is only 2, we do have to keep it fairly simple but if you have any easy craft ideas, I’d love to hear them. Leave comments and links, Chloe would sure appreciate it!!!


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Our Learning Poster

At some point in my blog-reading journeys, I came across the idea of a learning poster. I adapted it a bit to fit our family’s needs and wanted to share it with you. It certainly Works for Me!

For those who don’t know, I have a two year old, an eight month old and I watch a little girl, who is also two, a couple days a week. Needless to say, with two 2 year olds, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom as we learn to go potty. In an effort to encourage them to want to go potty, and of course to make the most of teachable moments, the Learning poster was born!

When Chloe was 18+/- months I put up the learning poster. It is just Bristol board with some headings glued on it. We have a theme, color, verse (and eventually) a number. I say eventually because we tried the number this past fall and weren’t quite ready for it. We’ll incorporate it this spring. Anyway, we have a little basket on the back of the toilet with all our pictures and a ball of stick-tac. When we go potty, we get to put something up. It’s all very exciting!

We also work on our verse. I try to think of a song or some actions that go with the verse to help them remember. We have been recycling our verses over and over so that we learn them and not forget them. So far we have done:

We also go to the library every 3+/- weeks to get books on our current theme. The girls love to go to the library! Because they are only two, I find that changing the theme every 2-3 weeks is often enough though as they get older, it will need to be more frequent to keep them interested.

I also try to incorporate coloring pages or some sort of craft that is related to our theme into the week. We also have a reading time.

While we don’t have any sort of structured learning in our days, I try to get the little ones involved in everything I do from cooking, baking and laundry to cleaning the floors and vacuuming. In everything we do, I try to find little things to teach them.

Did I mention that I always wanted to be a teacher growing up? The littles in my care are much more eager pupils than my little brother and sister ever were!!

A couple of sites that I have found helpful are:

Shirley’s Preschool Activities : She has all sorts of great stuff but the thing I used most were her ready to go printable memory verse pages!

A Kids Heart: This site has wonderful bible themed coloring pages, verses and craft ideas.

What sorts of things are you working on with your little ones? Do you have a great site to share? Leave a comment or link up to Works for Me Wednesday!

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Jesus is Risen

In preparation for Easter we dyed eggs, coloured pages of empty tombs, talked about the Easter story and put up pictures of Easter related things on our learning poster.

We also are working on the verse “Jesus is Risen” based on Matthew 28:6, Mark 16:6, and Luke 24:6. Though the verses say “He is risen”, I wanted to make sure the girls learned who were were talking about so we changed ‘He’ to ‘Jesus’.

Chloe is doing really well in learning it. Throughout the day I ask her, “What happened at Easter?”, or sometimes I’ll ask “Why was the tomb empty?”. Most times she says “Jesus is Risen” but sometimes she says something about the Easter Bunny (well actually she calls him the “Easter Babbit”). But since she only turned two in January, if she mostly understands that Easter is about Jesus then I think that we’ve done well.

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