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Pen jar 001

Chloe made a Pen/Pencil holder for Mother’s Day for Oma and Nana. We used jars that pickles or beets had come in. I was going to use construction paper however since I had received some Easter Daisies that had died, I took the wrapping off the bottom of their pot and we used it to wrap around the base. We glued stickers and construction paper hearts on as well as a ribbon around the middle. I saved all the tissue paper, ribbons etc. from my wedding shower and baby showers so we have plenty of supplies from there!

She was so proud of her creation!

Pen jar 002

Chloe LOVES craft time. Because she is only 2, we do have to keep it fairly simple but if you have any easy craft ideas, I’d love to hear them. Leave comments and links, Chloe would sure appreciate it!!!



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hand drawingPhoto by handkasteel

This poem was in the bulletin at church this morning and it really touched me. I wanted to share it with you as we celebrate Mother’s Day today.

Dear Christian mothers, sing your praise
Through all your busy, happy days
To God our Father, kind and good
For all the joys of motherhood.

For that wee babe with smiling charm
That softly nestles in your arm
For childish laughter gay and sweet,
And sounds of little scampering feet.

For that young precious merry mite
Who walks with hand in yours held tight;
And for the others older grown
Who’ve learned to proudly walk alone.

For the blessings often mixed with tears
As they mature through passing years;
And that deep joy that naught can dim,
When children give their hearts to Him.

Fear not the coming day to face,
For God will give you strength and grace-
And hers shall be a great reward
Who trains her children for the Lord.

– Margaret K. Fraser


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Our Learning Poster

At some point in my blog-reading journeys, I came across the idea of a learning poster. I adapted it a bit to fit our family’s needs and wanted to share it with you. It certainly Works for Me!

For those who don’t know, I have a two year old, an eight month old and I watch a little girl, who is also two, a couple days a week. Needless to say, with two 2 year olds, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom as we learn to go potty. In an effort to encourage them to want to go potty, and of course to make the most of teachable moments, the Learning poster was born!

When Chloe was 18+/- months I put up the learning poster. It is just Bristol board with some headings glued on it. We have a theme, color, verse (and eventually) a number. I say eventually because we tried the number this past fall and weren’t quite ready for it. We’ll incorporate it this spring. Anyway, we have a little basket on the back of the toilet with all our pictures and a ball of stick-tac. When we go potty, we get to put something up. It’s all very exciting!

We also work on our verse. I try to think of a song or some actions that go with the verse to help them remember. We have been recycling our verses over and over so that we learn them and not forget them. So far we have done:

We also go to the library every 3+/- weeks to get books on our current theme. The girls love to go to the library! Because they are only two, I find that changing the theme every 2-3 weeks is often enough though as they get older, it will need to be more frequent to keep them interested.

I also try to incorporate coloring pages or some sort of craft that is related to our theme into the week. We also have a reading time.

While we don’t have any sort of structured learning in our days, I try to get the little ones involved in everything I do from cooking, baking and laundry to cleaning the floors and vacuuming. In everything we do, I try to find little things to teach them.

Did I mention that I always wanted to be a teacher growing up? The littles in my care are much more eager pupils than my little brother and sister ever were!!

A couple of sites that I have found helpful are:

Shirley’s Preschool Activities : She has all sorts of great stuff but the thing I used most were her ready to go printable memory verse pages!

A Kids Heart: This site has wonderful bible themed coloring pages, verses and craft ideas.

What sorts of things are you working on with your little ones? Do you have a great site to share? Leave a comment or link up to Works for Me Wednesday!

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One of my favorite things about the girls is their helpfulness. It’s not just that they are willing, but that they are enthusiastic! They are excited to help, they want to be a part of things.
At this age, they are so teachable and willing to learn!

I am working on creating a chore chart that works for them. I found some great help here: 20 Tips for Finding Your Routine With Kids and she also has a post about Preschool Chore Charts.

Thankfully I have two dust busters. (A long story and another example of why making decisions based on cost alone is not a good idea!) Anyway, when I say it is time to vacuum…they get so excited and immediately go to get their own vacuums. Washing the floor, dusting, sweeping, you name it and they want to be a part of it. The moment that I don my apron in the morning, they are looking for theirs too, knowing that an adventure is sure to come!

If you have little ones, I encourage you to let them help. Yes, it takes longer now but there are so many rewards to be had. Time invested in your children is never wasted.

What are they learning from you?

  • The basic how-to’s of a task
  • That they are loved and worth your time
  • That they are a vital and contributing part of your home
  • A good work ethic
  • Teamwork
  • That there is beauty and importance in keeping a home
  • And so much more I am sure!

What can you learn from them?

  • Not just to be willing, but to be enthusiastic
  • That joy can be found in any task, it all depends on attitude
  • Patience!
  • To let go of perfectionism

Washing the floor!

Setting the table – not too bad for our first attempt!

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Yes, you read it right. I am a princess! A daughter of the King of kings, royalty, joint heirs with Christ. I’ve got a mansion waiting for me. I wonder if it is pink? Maybe you’re a princess too – that would make us princess sisters! I am following the series It’s a Real Job and last week was about your job description. I began thinking about my roles and the tasks required to fulfill those roles

My Beautiful Calling (a.k.a. my job description):
  • Daughter of the King
  • Servant of Christ (thanks Mrs. G)
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Keeper of My Home
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Friend

Tasks/Roles Involved

  • Student of the Bible
  • Testimony to Others
  • Laundress
  • Housekeeper
  • Dishwasher
  • Cook
  • Taxi Driver
  • Errand Runner
  • Grocery Shopper
  • Menu Planner
  • Receptionist
  • Baker
  • Event Coordinator
  • Groundskeeper
  • Doctor
  • Boo-boo Kisser
  • Diaper Changer
  • Listening Ear
  • Shoulder to Cry On
  • Story Reader
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Teacher
  • Counsellor
  • Song Leader
  • Playmate
  • Craft Coordinator
  • Incubator – what a blessing! (this one is compliments of my sister)
  • Correspondence Officer
  • Filer
  • Photographer
  • Steward of Resources
  • Home Decorator
  • Chief Organizer
  • Blogger

Give me some time and I could probably expand upon this list. I’m sure you could too. I agree with Brianna – it is a real job, and a big one.

It may seem to pay poorly and sometimes there are no apparent or immediate rewards. We must be faithful and persevere because each and every task done for right reasons and with the right attitude and, of course, with the right focus, has eternal benefits for us and our loved ones!

When we get overwhelmed by our huge job description (just look at it!) we need to remember that
He gave us the job in the first place. He’ll give us all we need to succeed!

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What is a Beautiful Calling?
When I chose the name for my blog, I was mostly thinking of my calling to be wife, mother and keeper of my home. Upon further reflection though, Beautiful Calling has another application. Any woman, of any age in any season, who is in the Will of God is fulfilling her Beautiful Calling.
A Little About Me:
  • a Saved by Grace Christian
  • a happily wife married to Scott, a wonderful man (2005)
  • a busy stay-at-home mommy to Chloe (2) and John (7 months)
  • a caregiver to Jaiden (2) three days a week
  • a Cupcake baker and a Bunwich maker (seriously!)
    I’m also a new blogger and I am thrilled that you are here!! Welcome to the
    Ultimate Blog Party of 2009! Never heard of the Ultimate Blog Party before? Well, neither had I but, I suggest that you head over a take a look…after you’ve explored my blog that is. There are prizes to be won!

A Little About My Blog:

I was domestically challenged when I first got married in 2005! This is a bit of an understatement 🙂

Since then, with the Lord’s help, my desire is to answer my beautiful calling – which is not all about housework! I am learning to be the helper my husband needs; an example and a teacher to my children so that they will come to know, love and serve God. I want to Wait on the Lord with my life! With His help, I want to be keeper of my home and to be a good steward of the time, talents and resources that the Lord has entrusted me with.

This blog is an honest record of my successes, failures and lessons learned (and the one I am learning!) I pray that here you will find something helpful, encouraging or motivating! Read more here at Why Blog?
I also host Tune-Up Tuesday so be sure to come back for that!
A Giveaway!
If you have read The Symbol of a Beautiful Calling, then you know how I feel about aprons. Come back on Friday the 27th for a chance to win a fabulous apron!
***NEW NOTE: I was planning to have an apron giveaway on Friday but I found out that a friend’s blog is having one on Friday!! GO HERE FOR INFO ON BRIANNA”S GIVEAWAY. We’ll have our apron giveaway in April! So isn’t that neat? You’ll have an opportunity to enter two apron giveaways – aren’t you glad you stopped by?!?

Did I mention that by participating in the Blog Party, you have a chance to win some fabulous prizes. You don’t have to have a blog to participcate My top prize picks are:

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Once upon a time I had this crazy and flawed idea that I needed to do everything every day. Each day I would start at one end of the house and try and clean the whole thing. It never never happened (it’s a big house and I have little ones). Each day I was left with the feeling that I was failing in this area. Blame Martha Stewart or society and the stereotypical “perfect housewife” of the 1950’s, or I can just blame it on myself for not viewing my tasks in light of what God’s Word says.

God certainly has given us our houses to look after…but why? To be used as a base-camp, an outreach, a training center, a place to relax/be refreshed, a place that is used to bless our family, others, and ourselves while bringing Glory to God. I’m sure you can think of more things that our houses are. But God intended for our houses to simply be a tool. We ought to keep our houses in order however, with people living in them, they will never be perfect. Is God concerned with our houses or the people in them? It doesn’t bring Him any honor when I am impatient with my children because they are ‘disrupting’ my housecleaning and it doesn’t glorify Him when I am racing around to get the house perfect for when DH comes home so that when he does come home I am flustered and not calm, happy and mentally available to hear about his day. This is an area that I am making progress in but still struggle with!

I have a GraceWorks Planner that has a wonderful page in it with household task suggestions. Having this page in my planner with a set day to work on things assists me in finding balance so that my home is clean but I am still meeting my family’s needs! I’m there to read that story, go for that walk or take time to snuggle. We won’t be taking our houses with us to eternity, but we can take our families. Time is more wisely invested in them. Our Beautiful Calling is about PEOPLE!

In my Beautiful Life Management Planner, the main page has a saying on it “This day will be marked as success in eternity, not by what I accomplish but because I aimed: To Follow Christ radiantly, reflected by a heaven-directed heart, a joyful spirit, a welcome & (increasingly!) orderly home, wise minutes, healthy choices and loving eager relationships.” Each morning I read this and pray that I would use each day to glorify him and not be so busy with my own agenda.

This was actually part of tomorrow’s post however since the post for tomorrow is already lengthy, I thought I would give it a post of it’s own. It is such an important topic. Tomorrow is our last planner post, and Friday our contest opens. Be sure to explore Graceworks so you’re all ready. Hurray!

Thoughts or Comments? Please Share!

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