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Ecobotts Disposable Diapers is offering a free sample pack of their diapers and all you need to do is pay $2.00 to cover the shipping.

While I use cloth diapers for John and cloth trainers for Chloe, I do find that there are times that disposables are more convenient. I just ordered my trial pack. I’ll let you know what I think after they arrive!


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Giveaways Galore!

glipse Today I stumbled upon a new site – Glimpse, a Canadian site even! And it has something I love, Giveaways!! Head over there now and check them out! Soaps, snack bags, reminder wheels…but please don’t enter the smocked dress giveaway because I really want to win it 🙂

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Soapnuts are an economical, environmentally friendly and effective replacement to your laundry soap! I mentioned them in More Green = More Green in honor of earth day!

I had never heard of soapnuts until I saw an ad on kijiji for them. It was in the baby section and advertised that they were perfect for cleaning cloth diapers. Skeptical, I ordered one of their trial bags as I am interested in earth friendly products only IF they perform. I was amazed and how well they cleaned – even with cold water!. A few weeks later, I ordered a large package.

“Soapnuts are the dried fruit from the Ritha (sapindus mukorossi) tree. There are other types of trees that produce a poorer grade of soapnuts. The ones that Superior Soap Nuts import contain very high amounts of saponin. Saponin is the substance which gives the soapnuts their cleaning power.

Many of these trees were once logged for income. Happily, Superior Soap Nuts’ supplier, among others, is harvesting the soapnuts which is a renewable resource. This is creating a sustainable income for Nepalese people in local areas.”

There are many uses for soap nuts to clean many aspects of your home in addition to laundry. I haven’t tried them yet but plan to shortly! If the results are equivalent to what I experience in the laundry room, I will be thrilled!


Superior Soap Nuts has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway in participation with the Springtime Giveaway Carnival at Heavenly Homemakers. One lucky reader will receive one of their 500g packages!

Just a thought: the name Superior Soapnuts could come from the fact that they are located in Upsala, ON which means they are fairly close to Lake Superior or it could be based on the fact that their soapnuts are a superior quality.

How to Enter:

Entry #1: Visit Superior Soap Nuts and take a look at the page on how to use them. Come back and leave a comment with which way you think you would use them. While you’re there…spend a little time reading about this interesting alternative to laundry soap! PLEASE REMEMBER, that I need a way of contacting you.

Entry #2: Blog about this contest and leave a link to your post in the comments.

Entry #3: Subscribe via a reader or email. Leave a comment letting me know you have.

So go ahead and do one or all of the above to enter! And don’t forget about the Apron Giveaway here!

Wondering what a Beautiful Calling is and who am I? Read here to find out a little more!

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I love aprons. I think that they symbolize my Beautiful Calling quite nicely. They help me to be a better wife, mother and keeper of my home. Brianna did a post a little ways back and talked about the importance of dressing for success. For me, this includes an apron as well. It helps me to focus and reminds me to be productive. It also makes me feel energetic and domestic and, believe it or not, pretty!

aprons 002

I am blessed to have an assortment of aprons and all of them are beautiful in some way. Some are pink and girly, others are crazy, wild and fun, some are sweet, I even have a flirty, skirty one in lime green and pink that my girlfriend, Carm, gave me not too long ago.

How is all of this frugal? Well two reasons. The first is that an apron, above all else, serves a practical purpose. It helps to keep you clean which means less laundry which in turn saves you on soap, water and energy! See More Green = More Green $$ for more ideas. And the second reason that this post is in the Frugal Friday category? If any of you read my Ultimate Blog Party Post, you will recall I mentioned an apron giveaway. Well, it was postponed since a blogging friend had one happening at her place, but here is your chance to enter!

While Ann, of Ann’s Gifts and “Sew” Much More, doesn’t have her website up as of yet, she does have a retail location so for anyone who is local. Her Apron Emporium is located at 505 Queensway West in Simcoe, ON and you can reach her at 519-410-1742. You can choose an apron for yourself or she makes fabulous children’s aprons as well. Above is one of the great ones that Chloe owns. Double sided, one side has bight vivid farm print and the other a solid color with pockets made with the farm print fabric. Below is a picture of the most recent apron she gave me. I was overcome and the picture doesn’t do it justice! It has all sorts of ‘patchwork pockets’ with Proverbs 31:13 and sorts of neat things. It is double-sided and has my name, my husbands and children’s names and all sorts of other embroidery on it. It is the most special apron I own!

aprons 001

How can you win a fabulous apron? You have 4 chances to enter!

Entry # 1: Leave a comment in this post with something interesting about yourself. Just short and sweet! If you are posting anonymously, please leave a way to contact you!

Entry #2: Blog about the giveaway, come back and leave a comment with the link to your giveaway post.

Entry #3: Leave a comment sharing the name of a meme and the website who hosts it. I’m relatively new to the blogger community and would love to learn about the different ones out there!

Entry #4: Subscribe via a reader or email. Leave a comment letting me know you did.

So go ahead and do one, or all of the above for a chance to win. A winner will be chosen at random on May 1, 2009 @ 8:52pm+/-!


And if you haven’t already, be sure to enter the Soapnut Giveaway!

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Calling all book-lovers!
Head over to 5 Minutes for Books for a chance to win a book every day from now until the end of the month! They also have a grand prize – a copy of ALL the books they are giving away. How awesome is that? It’s easy to enter so head over now!
(Open to USA addresses only)

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A package arrived in the mail on Thursday…’Kaya from See Kai Run! Let me tell you, I was excited. Chloe put them on immediately and modeled them. She likes shoes too!

This is the first pair of shoes that we’ve tried from See Kai Run. From the efficient and friendly customer service, the speed of shipping, the accuracy of their printable page to determine sizing and the initial look of the product, thus far I am impressed.

Chloe, my sweet little princess, is also a rough and tumble toddler. She managed to scuff them up almost immediately. I was happy to discover that the leather wipes clean pretty easily! I’ll be back in a month+/- with an official review of these adorable shoes and how they stand up in real toddler life!

In the mean time, why don’t you pop over and have a peek for yourself. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter on the home page, you don’t want to miss the deals to be had!

See Kai Run has generously provided the opportunity for one reader to win a pair of these fabulous shoes in their choice of style and size! You won’t want to miss it so be sure to check back for the “official review” post!

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Those of you who know me, know that I love my cloth diapers! But I do still use disposables on occasion. They are handy to have tucked in the van for emergencies or if we are out and about and I know I don’t want to carry a messy diaper around.

Huggies has a new Pure & Natural Diaper out. You can read more here or get a free sample here. Mine is on it’s way! Who doesn’t like free samples?

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