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It’s been a tough week with grandpa passing away. Though there have been many sad moments, I am thankful that they were interspersed with joy droplets. I’ve learned that there is good in everything; sometimes it just takes a little more looking to find it!

Joy Droplets of the Week:

  • The comments of encouragement and scripture that I received from you. Thank you so much!
  • My mother-in-law arrived, and together my nana-in-law who lives with us, we have childcare so we could attend the visitation and the funeral with no worries.
  • Knowing that death is just a door that we pass through into eternal life; knowing that Grampa knew the Lord and is a glorious place there.
  • That though he was in a coma, I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Grampa. People lose loved ones everyday without the opportunity to say goodbye.
  • Dad and Scott got a good start on building our garden.

If a picture is worth 1000 words then here is 9000 of them!

Highlights of the Week 004

Chloe and Mommy doing dishes. If you look closely you will notice that the calendar on the sink is completely wrong. I’m months behind 🙂





Highlights of the Week 005Battling a cold as well as not being able to sleep this week, mornings were hard. Thursday morning I woke up, knowing that the visitation was that day and I started feeling overwhelmed before my feet hit the floor. Then Chloe raced into our room, noticed the folded towels in the laundry basket and picked them up, one by one, to put away in the bathroom cupboard. Each time she raced into the bathroom she yelled,  “I’m helping Daddy”, and “’I’m helping Mommy”. She’s two and loves to help. Though they were a little lopsided, they were put away good enough for me. I am proud of my little helper.

Highlights of the Week 006This picture is at my parents this weekend. It is still far too chilly for a swim but Chloe had a fun time splashing her little feet. 

Beautiful Flowers from thoughtful friends!

   Highlights of the Week 007    Highlights of the Week 010 

Leaving the hospital and walking down the street to my car, I found this basket in the garbage on the curb. I washed up the liner and we now have a new book basket for the bathroom. The thing I love about this is that the handles can be up or down. Our other basket had a permanent handle and sometimes larger books were hard for the girls to get in and out.

Highlights of the Week 008     Highlights of the Week 009

Chloe’s GG is visiting. GG and Chloe went garage saling and found this great piano. Both John and Chloe just love it. Chloe is also wearing a new hair clip that says her name. My good friend, Carm, bought it for her and it is darling!!

Highlights of the Week 011

I went garage saling with my Aunt who came in from out of town for the funeral. I found Chloe a Columbia spring jacket for $2 and then at a completely different garage sale I found myself a Spring/Winter Columbia coat in the same colors for $10. It has a removable liner so it works for all seasons. I was happy because my other coat has some issues and I had wanted to replace it. Chloe was very excited and tells me that we “match mommy”. When I asked her what color our coats were she informed me they were red. We’re still working on that 🙂

Highlights of the Week 017


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cross Photo by Jasmic

This past weekend I attended Faithway’s 20th Ladies’ Retreat. Each year, I am thankful that they put it on and that I am able to attend. This year, the theme was “Celebrate Change” and it has a variety of applications. The most important application being the change that comes with Salvation; a change of heart, a change of family, a change of master, a change of eternal destination. Of course, there is also continual change of sanctification as we submit and surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to conform us to His image.

In thankfulness of my salvation, I thought I would share with you my testimony in a nutshell:

I am thankful that I grew up in a Christian home with parents who truly love the Lord. It was through them, and my Sunday School teacher, that I came to Christ at a very young age.

Romans 10:9 says “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

At 3 years of age, I understood that I was a sinner in need of a Savior and, thanks to John 3:16, that famous Sunday School verse, I understood God’s amazing love for me! I am thankful that salvation is for all who call on Him (Romans 10:13) and that the Lord has made salvation so simple that even a child can come.

During my teenage years I drifted away from the Lord and went my own way. The Lord has given us all a free will and permits us to use it. I am thankful that he is merciful, longsuffering and, though he allowed me to go my own way for a season, he continued to keep His hand of protection on me. In His timing, he used circumstances and people to draw me back to him.

I am closer now to Him than I have ever been. I have come to learn that it is only through a right relationship with Him; when we love and serve Him; that we can experience a true inner peace, joy and happiness regardless of outward circumstances.

If you’re thankful for your Salvation, say ‘Amen’! And if you aren’t sure that are saved, or don’t know what Salvation is, please take a moment now to read God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.


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