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chore chart print screen

Chloe is two and this is her chore chart. This picture below is Chloe’s first attempt at setting the table. Pretty good if you ask me!


Chore Chart Tips:

  • Receive Chart via email by contacting me
  • Print it after changing the name (unless your daughter’s name is Chloe) and editing the chores to suit your family
  • Laminate it (some office stores charge a small fee for this) or you can use a page protector sheet from the dollar store
  • Put it on the fridge, high enough up that it requires help from mommy or daddy to fill it in
  • Use small magnets (Ebay, Dollar Store), dry erase markers or a combination of both
  • Head over to Simple Mom and Org Junkie for ideas on how to incorporate your little ones into daily activities and figuring out what they are capable of.

I made Chloe’s chart in MS Excel (it can also be opened with Open Office (a free program) so if you would like me to email you a chart for your own use, please contact me at beautifulcalling (at) gmail (dot) com.

Do you have a site you like for information on toddlers, chores and keeping house? Please leave the link in the comments. It would be much appreciated!

Wednesday WFM

Thank you to a number of sources for their clipart 

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Do you have a sweet little someone in your life, age 0-3 years, who wears shoes? Be sure to check out a review of the ever popular See Kai Run toddler shoes and enter the giveaway!

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Be sure to check out the Soapnut Giveaway, and coming soon, the See Kai Run Review and Giveaway here.

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An Apron for…

Well, the winner is a woman after my own name…

Apron Giveaway

Jen, a fellow Canadian, of Our Comfort is the winner of a fabulous Apron by Ann. Don’t worry, there will be another apron giveaway this fall!

Thanks to everyone who came by and entered. Don’t forget that in a few weeks we will be having the See Kai Run Giveaway that you won’t want to miss!

If you are looking for something to read today, head over Heart(h) Management for Sit and Sip.

Happy Saturday!

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Amazing giveaways happening over at 5 Minutes for Mom. April 22 until May 9th there are exciting new prizes. On second thought, don’t go over and enter because that way I will have a better chance at winning the AMAZING prizes like an HP Mini 1000, a digital camera, digital frame, designer purses or gift cards!!

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Library Tips:

  • As soon as you get home, write the due date of your books on your wall calendar or in your planner.
  • Plan a library day a few days prior to your due date and write it in as well.
  • Keep all of your library books in one place.
  • Have a library bag and ensure that all books are accounted for and in the bag the night before your trip to the library to be frugal with your time.
  • Take advantage of all the library services including books, books on tapes or CD’s, videos and DVD’s as well as any special classes and story times that are available!

We spend much of our day in the bathroom where we work on our learning poster and that is where we keep all our library books in a basket. I keep them there so that we don’t end up misplacing one when we return them. On occasion we will remove one and go up to the library to read it however that usually results in a forgotten book (like last week!) which spells out late fees 🙂

We actually returned our library books last week and are due to go again next Wednesday April 22nd. Our library visit coincides with the day we go out on cupcake delivery. We do have quite a few books at home so let me share with you what we are reading.

Our Readers:

  • John (8 months)
  • Chloe (2 years)
  • Jaiden (2 years)
  • Mommy (undisclosed – haha – I’m 30!)
So from our home library, these are our current favorites:

Board Books
That’s Not My Pony by Fiona Watt
These are adorable touchy-feely books by Usborne. Great quality and, though simple, there are many opportunities to teach colors and textures. Chloe loves these books, the one some of her favorites. She can “read” them to me by feeling the pictures, she knows what the page says.

Early Readers
Chloe loves this book. I think it may be her favorite book. If not #1 then he #2 favorite! She wanted to read it every time we went potty for the entire 2-3 weeks that our learning poster theme was about dinosaurs. I was so glad to move one 🙂 It really is a great book with a great teaching opportunity. It is about a dinosaur who goes around scaring people, thinking he is funny. He loses his friends and his voice. In the end, he says sorry, saves his friends and everyone lives happily ever after. It is rated a level three reader.
This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig
This is Chloe’s other favorite book. It is a very easy read, though not rated. It is a cute, short rhyming pocket-sized book about a bear who ends up at the garbage dump by accident.
The Little Book of Farmyard Tales by Stephen Cartwright & Heather Amery
A sweet collection of short stories that they say was written with the help of a language expert for young children learning to read. Chloe likes the stories because they all involve a little girl and a little boy and their adventures on the farm.

Mommy’s Corner
These are books that I am currently reading and almost done. I will add a brief review once I have finished the books so be sure to come back!

Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George
One of my favorite authors!
Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey and Stacey McDonald
The title turned me off originally as I immediately associated it with whatever that show was that was on TV about housewives. After hearing so many women who I respect talking about it, I purchased it. I am almost through it and it has been an amazing read.
The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick
Secrets of a Happy Heart – Titus 2 Series Book 1 by Debi Pryde
My sister and I are currently working through this series together on Monday mornings.

For more great reading ideas, head over to The Happy Housewife!

Do you have a library tip to share? As new library-goers, we welcome new ideas! Leave a comment!

(Please note: Book links take you to my Amazon.com A-store so you can read their reviews on them there. Any Candian friend who wish to purchase them should visit my Canadian Bookstore on the right sidebar!)

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I am excited to share with you that a new addition to the Bloggerland community. My friend Theresa has started Beautiful in Gods Eyes.
She is a young mommy with a desire to serve the Lord with her blog and her life.
I encourage you to extend a blogger welcome and pop over to say hello! It will be an encouragement to her and perhaps you’ll find some blessing or encouragement yourself as you read her posts.

Happy Friday!

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