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June13 021

We made Caterpillars for craft time last week thanks to Simple Kids! Chloe and Jaiden both loved them. Chloe named hers Pillar and carried him around everywhere. Chloe decided to take him to play “nap” together. She kissed him, proceeded to tell him a story and told him to go to sleep. I say ‘him’ but perhaps Pillar is a girl. It sounds more like a boys name to me though 🙂

I went garage sale shopping on June 6th. I mentioned here that Chloe and I got matching Columbia coats for $12 combined. I also got a HUGE bag of craft supplies, all sorted and organized into containers for….are you ready?….$4.00. The puff balls and eyes for this craft actually came from that purchase!! I’m sure we’ll have many other creations to share thanks to this bag of goodies!

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